First Responder Academy

Learn, Grow, Protect

Offering Dual Enrollment in College classes with specialized training to become a First Responder.  Top achievers will graduate with both a high school and a two-year college diploma.

Free Public Charter School

All the benefits of a public high school, but with an individualized focus on first responder training.

Dual Enrollment

Graduate with your high school diploma and earn your associate’s degree at the same time.

Industry Certifications

Get your certification in Fire Science, Emergency Management Services, or Criminal Justice.

About Our Charter School

First Responder Academy offers a dual enrollment opportunity for high school students to graduate with both a high school diploma and an associate’s degree.

Who We Are?

First Responder Academy of South Carolina (FRA) is a full-time public charter school that offers online virtual courses in a highly innovative tech-savvy teaching environment that supplies the on-site computer-based learning labs, study groups, first responder related activities, clubs, and space for specialized training facilities necessary for first responders.

Our Mission

The mission of First Responder Academy of South Carolina is to empower students and their parents with an innovative and effective instructional program that produces leaders in the First Responder Community nationwide.  The academy, community college, and first responder community will aid these students in earning specialized certification in their chosen field and or dual achievement in an associate’s degree program.

Excellence training for high school students

Advanced first responder training

Dual enrollment for high school diploma & associate’s degree

Meet the near-critical demand for first responders

What makes FRA unique

First Responders Academy is the first charter school in the nation to offer such highly specialized first responder training for high school students.

Dual Enrollment

Eligible high school students will be encouraged to earn college credits through our dual enrollment program, allowing them to earn their Associate's Degree and high school diploma.

Strength & Fitness Training

On-site strength and physical fitness training facilities, to facilitate the level of physical fitness required to pass the strength and agility tests for each career path.

Individual Learning Plans

Individualized learning plans address each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and, their personalized course map guides them in becoming a trained first responder.

Innovative Teaching

Our highly interactive curriculum and on-site computer based learning labs, study groups, first responder related activities, and unique clubs enriches and inspires.

Practical Knowledge

Students gain practical knowledge and workplace skills and prepare for industry-recognized certification exams in Fire Science, Emergency Management Services, and Criminal Justice.

First Responder Community

FRA Students can intern in their chosen field while also receiving direct mentoring from professional first responders during their clinical and specialized trainings.

Top Partners

The First Responder Academy would not be possible without the help from our important partners.

Enrollment is Open!

First Responder Academy is a free public high school